Butch’s bonding scent makes its first appearance and it’s awesome:

The conclusion, finally, of everything that took days boiling in his soul and exploding as a bonding statement left him strangely lucid. Centered. Stable.

- Talk to the Scribe Virgin, Wrath. Now. And tell her to leave Vishous alone. Because he is with me. - he worded the sentence with no trace of accent, slowly and perfect clear in all its syllables. A statement of ownership in every possible way. - And V should better be in the mansion already, in one piece, or, godess or not, she have to see me. Do you understand me? Vishous is not hers. HE.IS.MINE. And nobody is going yo out a fucking finger on him against his will.

Needless to say that I melt in a puddle every time I read this…*sighs* 

Just remember, this is a “sneak-peek” of a fan fiction called “Lover Redeemed” written by Vane Caos . If you got interested, you can download the ff on her website or you can send me your email address and I’ll send it to you.  

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