The every morning struggle is real.

The every morning struggle is real.

The year is 2014, tumblr has gone through gazzilion updates and you’re telling me I still have to delete a whole tag if I misspelled one fucking letter?!

It can’t be that hard, can it, tumblr staff? 

I gotta stuff and things to do, so I am leaving for a few hours. You kids behave when I am out, cause yesterday I left for a little while and when I came back the house was a fucking mess. Don’t make me spank you when I come back. I can be really mean. *winks* 

Be good to each other! Love you all!  



Lemme ask you guys something: any of you reading The Mistress by Tiffany Reisz? Guuuuuysi, this series is so fucking awesome and this last book is KILLING ME! I have so many Søren and Kingsley feelings right now and I need to gush about them. Seriously. 

Anyone? Buller? Let’s talk Original Sinners!!! 

I haven’t started it yet but it’s there on my Kindle just waiting for me!  Kingsley & Soren feels, OMG, I can’t wait.  I need to start it TODAY.

Oh Mel, you really should. All the books are so good. Like really, really good. The main characters is a woman and I usually have all the issues with female characters, but Nora…OG. You can’t help but loving her to death. She is just…NORA. Lemme know if you start reading and we can talk. 

Following ALL Ty and Zane tumblr pages I find. I regret nothing!  



Reblog if you post Ty and Zane!

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Whenever famous, gorgeous,  super thin women say “oh, but I eat everything” when asked what they do to keep in shape.

Bitch pls, if you ate everything you would look like me. 

Know what I don’t get? When I am talking about some hot guy and I am on and on how I think he’s hot and sexy and whatever and some girl says “ah, but he’s gay.” Oh yeah, cause if he was straight he would totally fall in love with me. Dear lawd, I am attracted to the guy and couldn’t care less if he likes cock. Hell, I like cock too, so we have that in common. See? We would probably hit it off. Plus, lemme be clear about something: I LIKE THEM GAY. I like the idea of two hot guys kissing. I have seen it happening and there is nothing quite as hot as two guys DOING IT! 

So yeah, he is gay and God bless him for that. 

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This si soooo much fun: What Makes you? 

My results:

Click the link and try it on. It’s super fun!! I am made of Villany and a dash of Danger Zone. I knew it!!! 


OK Amazon, I’d better have this baby on my kindle exactly at 0:01. I AM DONE WAITING!!!! 

I may not be available for the next two days, cause I’ll be either reading or I’ll be DEAD! 

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I hate when you are having an argument with someone and you have a whole speech ready and the person, all of sudden apologizes to you ruining your momento. Just rude.

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I have so much respect for people who DON’T DELETE previous comments when they reblog posts.  

Thinking about starting a campaign: DO NOT DELETE THE PREVIOUS COMMENTS ON A POST.  If someone wrote something on the post and that includes pictures, videos, chats or whatever, it means what they wrote was important enough to them, so don’t DELETE it. 

And yes, I am weirdly passionate about this. 

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Whenever I read or hear the name David, I automatically assume it’s about David Gandy. I need help. Professional help 

And the other day, someone was quoting Mahatma Gandhi  on twitter and I thought they were talking about David Gandy and even clicked the link…Sometimes I am really ashamed of myself. *LOL* Not really! 

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Whenever someone says “You know he’s only a book character, right?!” 

Whenever someone says “You know this is just a tv show, right?! 

Whenever someone says “You know he’s a super model who doesn’t even know you exist, right?! 

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Sebastian Roche is going to be on TVD!!!!! 




Hopefully his character will make up for the lack of Balthazar in my life


hell to the yeah

*dies of hapiness*

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