Top 10 David Gandy pictures Challenge.  

HA! I bet you all thought I had forgot about this, true?! Never baby! I was just busy with other things and too caught up in series season finales, but here we are again and I believe it’s #6 time:

Why: first of all, I chose to put the two pics cause they practically the same and I couldn’t decide between the colored and the bw one. Well, I love everything about this picture so much it’s hard to explain. I like the way the pose makes his chest and abs muscles more evident, I love that I can see the veins around his happy trail popping up and it just makes me wanna lick them. I love the scruff and I can only imagine how his it would feel against the back of my neck and oh gawd his nipples…*fans self* I just can’t. It’s TOO MUCH!!! 

If you missed something about the Challenge, here are the others:







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